The mission of our club is to encourage good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the Chapter, their families and members of other SACC chapters or car clubs.

To inspire the ownership, operation, restoration and preservation of Solid Axle Corvettes throughout Arizona.

The Chapter shall be fraternal and educational to serve as medium for the exchange of ideas, information and parts for members and admirers of Corvette automobiles manufactured from 1953-1962.

The Chapter shall aid the members in their efforts to (a) restore and preserve Solid Axle Corvettes in their original, restored, or modified condition and (b) obtain, preserve, and disseminate technical and historical material relative to Solid Axle Corvettes.

2022 Officers:

President: Phil D’Alessandro -

Vice President: Jim Goss -

Secretary: Open position -

Treasurer/Membership: Orren Volk-

Newsletter Editor: Open Position -

Tech Advisor: John Marsh, Email-

Webmaster: George Ray, Email-