Solid Times is the newsletter of the Arizona Chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club


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SACC Newsletter 2019 1st Quarter

Broken Bolts, Wiper Motor Fix, Fuel Pump Fix

Holiday Brunch, Classic Car Club of America, George’s ‘62

SACC Newsletter 2018 3rd Quarter

Fiberglass Replacement on a 1960

Bowling, Las Vegas

SACC Newsletter 2018 2nd Quarter

Tech Swap Meet, Wiper Motor

The Horny Toad, San Tan Flats

SACC Newsletter 2017 September

Fuel Gauge Fix, 4 Post Lift Error

Bowling Party, Road trip w/Snow !, New SACC Club Shirts

SACC Newsletter 2017 April

Summer Driving, Lubricants and Oils, Solenoid Siphon Breaker

Cave Creek Driver, Olive Mill Driver

 SACC Newsletter 2017 January

Safety Check List, Lubricants and Fuel

Car Shows, Petersen Auto Museum

 SACC Newsletter 2016 January June

Show Tell & Sell, Flight Judging  

Holiday Party, Siete de Mayo, Phil's Filling Station, Saguaro Lake

2015 June Solid Times Vol7 Iss1

Resto Mod C1s, Engine Rebuild and dyno testing

Beach Boy's concert, Mardi Gras Party, Phil's Filling Station, Spring Mountain Driving School

 2014 December Solid Times Vol6 Iss3

Engine Rebuilding, Tune ups

The Farm Driver, Tempe Parade of Lights, Holiday Brunch

 2014 July Solid Times Vol6 Iss2

Interiors, Solid Axle Upgrades, 58 Restoration, 59 Clutch

Sock Hop

 2014 March Solid Times Vol6 Iss1

Paint Stripping, Wheel Alignment

Fountain Hills Driver, Encanterra Driver, Corvettes in the Park

 2013 December Solid Times Vol5 Iss3

Cadmium Plating, The EZCarlift

Maiorano's Garage Tour, Holiday Brunch, Thorobred Thunder

 2013 May Solid Times Vol5 Iss2

Temperature Gauge Testing, Drag Racing; Impala vs Bel Air 

Tubac Car Show, Biltmore Brunch, Car Collection Tours

 2013 February Solid Times Vol5 Iss1

Safety Tech Session, 

Holiday Brunch, Valentine's Day Party. In memory of Steven Neel

2011 September Solid Times Vol4 Iss1

Aluminum Refinishing, Dash and Windshield Replacement, Gaskets, Frames, Water Pumps, Fuel Pumps

The Hatteras St. Gang,2012 National Convention in Arizona ,Holiday Brunch, El Chorro

2010 August Solid Times Vol3 Iss1

Headlights/Buckets, Heaters, Clutches, Window Regulators, Aftermarket Suspension, Powerglide Teardown, Body Off Restoration

Holiday Brunch, Barrett Jackson Road Rally, Wrigley Mansion, Saguaro, Lake, Julio G's, National Convention

2009 October Solid Times Vol2 Iss3

1953 Restoration, Wheel Weights, Idler and 3rd Arm, 

Clark's '53, Tortilla Flat, Driving in Washington State, 2009 National Convention

2009 July Solid Times Vol2 Iss2

Battery Safety Switch or ?, Engine Cooling, Side Windows, Window Felts, Lab analysis on engine Oil

 Saguaro Lake, Movie Night, Blooming Gold, Patrick's Antique Cars

2009 January Solid Times Vol2 Iss1

Fuel woes on Route 66, Hardtop Rebuild, Crate Motor in a 57, Voltage Regulators and Horn Relays

 Holliday Brunch, Uncle Bill's 62, Mining Camp Road Trip, Copper State 1000

2008 October Solid Times Vol1 Iss2

1960 Corvette, Voltage Regulators and Horn Relays

Corvette Brothers, National Convention, Movie Night, Indian Blankets in Monument Valley

2008 May Solid Times Vol1 Iss1

Pomona Swap Meet, Fuel Pump Failure, Soft Top Latch Repair

Saguaro Lake Drive, Holiday Party,